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Sifu Evangelos
Over a time span of 20 years, Sifu Evangelos has trained over 2000 people, amongst which 40 instructors from all over the world.
Sifu Evangelos has a proven record of teaching expertise for on-site and remote training over the internet.
He appeared on the front cover of WingChun Illustrated in October 2016, and has been invited over a dozen times by TV channels in Greece, Crete and Cyprus.
Essence of In-fighting
Sifu Evangelos has proven his skills in various combat situations against single and multiple opponents, protecting VIPs and government officials.
He has encountered life or death situations where Wing Chun literally saved his life thus proving how incredibly effective this martial art is in such context.
His global recognition as a well-rounded fighter has earned him the opportunity to offer his training services to federal agents and Special Forces police officers based in the American Embassy in Greece.
With his primary lineage stemming from Wong Shun Leung, Sifu Evangelos has gained the highest skill certification under the Gary Lam system in Los Angelos.
In his early years he acquired basic Wing Chun skills under Barry Lee in Germany, and recently he also assimilated the philosophy of Grandmaster Lee Hang Cheong in Hong Kong.
Through his skill and combat experience, Sifu Evangelos managed to accumulate one of most coherent knowledges of Wing Chun Kung Fu worldwide.
Sifu Evangelos is grateful that he had the opportunity to get to know important personalities of the Wing Chun community worldwide who are highly respected for their legacy and contribution to the preservation of the Wing Chun art.
Students Trained
Years Of Experience

Wing Chun has a positive effect on your wellbeing and your engagement in life generally. You will gain Improved mental clarity, focus, and confidence from the mental aspects of the Wing Chun training.


Wing Chun sharpens your reflexes and enhances your self-defense skills. The physical aspects of the Wing Chun will get you in better shape, enjoying improved health and fitness.


The meditative aspect of the Wing Chun forms will help you find inner peace and balance, resulting in greater appreciation of life and reduced stress.

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